Back from Bhutan (The Land of Happiness)!

That was one hell of a trip! I am finally back from Bhutan (and India), and I’m reunited with my beloved Wacom. And my cat. And my husband :p
Quiet hard to sum up everything I went through in the past few weeks, so i’ll just put a few photos, tell you I was having a blast and mention that I am absolutely exhausted. This year I had quiet a lot of traveling: Slovenia, New York, Canada, now India and Bhutan and in a month or two I will go to Belgium. Luckily I have that semi-passive income from the microstock sites to keep some cash flowing in while i’m away.

Aside from the payments from the microstock sites I had a few more surprises waiting – new sales of my coloring book: Like a Girl! I am very proud of this book and it means the world to me when people appreciate it :). Here is a quick link to the book on
coloring book published
I’m already working on a second coloring book with a different concept, so expect some updates! ^^
Back to my adventure in Bhutan! A trip to this hidden country (which was closed to the west until the 70’s) is an unbelievable experience by itself, but add to this the fact that I went there WITH MY FAMILY. Do you know how surreal it was to see my mom bouncing on a rickshaw in Delhi, or being bothered by cows while walking through a rice field in Punakha?? I think I’ll have to write a whole post just about that.

Here a few pictures of the trip. I miss Bhutan already! Hopefully  many more wonderful adventures are lying ahead! 🙂


With my mom and my brother in Delhi


On the TukTuk in Delhi


Even got the chance to see the Taj Mahal!


Did you know that Bhutan takes great pride at the happiness of its people? For real!


Punakha valley, Bhutan


The beautiful dzong (fortress) in Punakha, Bhutan


With my brother and dad, hiking to the Tiger’s Nest monestary in Paro, Bhutan


How do you cure wanderlust?