Instagram invitation

Since I came back from Bhutan and India (see pictures) a couple of weeks ago, I submerged into work. It was not easy, because every time I go abroad I come back rather disoriented. Since the past year was full of traveling, it often cut the flow of my work and I had to find my way back to the things I started.
Here is another secret – for the past two weeks, every night I dreamt that I was  somewhere abroad, rushing to catch a flight, struggling to pack a suitcase or finding myself in an unknown land.
No complain, though! I’m blessed to be able to travel like this. Actually, I’m already planning a trip to Belgium next month.

One of the things I resumed rather vigorously after coming back was my Instagram posts. I started using Instagram not too long ago, but the love was instant. So many talented artists are there, and many of them are willing to communicate, give advice or just be friendly. I love sharing my experience as an illustrator with others and Instagram really got me hooked. It’s also fun to share some personal moments from time to time.
So if you still hadn’t, come and follow me! 🙂

My Instagram: @ayelet_keshet_art

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See you there! <3