My empowering coloring book is published!

My girl empowering coloring book is finally out!

It took a lot of thinking, drawing, refining and designing, but the process is finally complete and the book is available for purchase.

This coloring book was created for girls, but it is not your typical girlish book. You won’t find any princesses and fairies there. What you will find are some cool real life heroins!


The back cover

It is available on Amazon and CreateSpace in the following links:

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-> Amazon UK

-> Book Depository

Why did I make this book?

I decided to create “like a Girl!” because I noticed there weren’t many empowering materials among coloring books for girls. It’s not that pinkish, sparkly frilly books for girls are bad (I actually like them), but when they are the sole rulers of the coloring books shelves, girls receive the same message – their strengths are their beauty, femininity and tenderness.

That’s why I chose to make a coloring book which presents positive role models to young girls. I wanted to expose girl to all of the possibilities they have, so I drew young women with different skills and roles. I was careful not to focus only on roles which we consider masculine, because I believe that the division of masculine and feminine jobs is no longer relevant, and I felt that by choosing only boyish roles I would be fixating this division even more. I picked diverse roles, and instead of suggesting that girls can do whatever boys can, I suggested that girls can do anything they want.


And so, I drew characters with different expertise, from science and research through sports and arts and on to educating children and caring for animals. The images present the true strengths of women: their creativity, intelligence, capability, diligence, passion, freedom and all those precious features that drive them to live their lives to the fullest and to make a difference in this world.

It is never too early to show girls what wonderful things they can do. It is never too early to show them that their value is related to what they do and to how they use their abilities.

My other guideline in creating this coloring book was, of course, make it fun! I wanted the illustrations to be interesting and enjoyable to color for kids and teens. And for me. yep, I’m going to color it too 🙂