Free printable summer fruit glasses

Every person that came to my house and found these printable fruit glasses ended up wearing them, looking in the mirror and laughing out loud. These glasses really bring in the party.

I based the design on vector elements that I created for my galleries in stock photography website, because you know, in summer you have to upload summery things. 

After I printed the glasses I glued the arms and added yellow transparency film (cellophane would work too).

Printable fruit glasses - pineapplePrintable fruit glasses - strawberry

The PDF includes 3 files, you can see them here:
Printable fruit glasses - file 1Printable fruit glasses - file 2 Printable fruit glasses - file 3

Ready to download? Go ahead!

Click here to Download the PDF of free printable summer fruit glasses.

Please note: my printable are free for personal, non-commercial use. Thanks! 🙂