Something new is on its way!

A few years ago I was working in a kid’s magazine (official Disney Magazine in my country), as a writer and later as a deputy editor. We had all these articles about nature, history, science and basically everything that expands the readers’ mind in a super fun and interesting way. Writing about all these topics in a manner that appeals to kids was not easy, and we editors noticed that some writers did better than others.

I loved the world of writing for children. I loved creating content, I loved taking part at the design and see all the colorful graphics and I loved the fun puzzle games and quizzes in every issue.

The magazine was part of my everyday life for about 4 years, until at some point… it shut down ;__;
When that happened I was already quiet deep in my stock photography business (which I started thanks to my work at the magazine), so I did not look for a new magazine to work for.

But honestly, I missed it. I still do, and that’s why I decided to create my own little zone in which I can write, research and create stories and games for kids. That’s what led me to my current project: making an activity book for kids with fun facts and cool information!

What will my activity book be like?

This book is going to have about 50 pages of puzzle games, coloring pages and craft tutorials, with each page dedicated to a specific subject.
I’m having a really good time searching for ideas, collecting information from books and national geographic issues (I have so many of them) and even taking notes while watching discovery channel. Oh and of course, illustrating each page is a delight!

I started listing topics that I liked and couldn’t stop…

I’m pretty much allergic to school and classes, so you can trust me that none of my pages will be stained with pedagogical tone.

On top of that I enjoy taking out my personal collection of kid’s magazines and activity books (I’ve had attraction to them since forever) and gather inspiration for my own puzzles. I want my puzzles to be fun and have just the right amount of challenge.

At the moment I am creating the book in Hebrew, and It will probably be available as a PDF file on my website. English version will follow.
I will probably create a printed version too, the same way I created my coloring book for strong girls – Like a Girl!

I translated one of the completed pages in my activity book so you can already take a look:

What do you think? As always, I’m totally in for constructive criticism.

Stay tuned for updates!

– Ayelet