tomorrow: traveling to Bhutan

Only five weeks passed since I came back from my trip to New York and Canada, and I’m already packing for another journey. This time i’m going to India and Bhutan. Am I excited? NO. I’m exhausted. And nervous. And stressed.

I’m kind of surprised by my own reaction, because usually I love to travel, especially to exotic destinations I’ve never seen before. Maybe i’m just a bit tired of my recent travelling, which were kind of close to each other.

Also, I’m in the midst of very exciting things at work – I published my first coloring book and I want to market it, I’m working on another coloring book and a few other creations, I draw new vectors for my portfolios on stock photography sites and I just received a new button making machine. Right now I really want to lock myself  in my den and work on all these lovely projects. Instead, I must pack my things again and go to the end of the world.

There is another thing that makes me feel bad: my husband is not coming with me. I will spend three weeks without him. and without my cat.

My parents and my brother will be with me, though, since it’s a family trip organized by my adventurous dad. My husband couldn’t join because he must work, so he took the job of caring for the family’s animals. My younger brother is staying, too, for his studies.

I know I’m lucky. I can travel whenever I want, without asking anyone for permission. I live a very exciting life with a very exciting family. I love my job and I love my lifestyle. I will probably feel better once i’m in India, after a shower ans some sleep and a bucket of coffee. That’s when my excitement will come back. I hope 0_0.

In the meantime I’m trying to finish as many stock vectors as possible, to feed my portfolios while i’m gone. Like this image for the holiday of Sinterklaas, which takes place in December:


Time to enjoy my last night in my comfy bed before flying to the unknown!