Back from England – what’s next?

If I had known that England was so beautiful I would have gone there much sooner. I spent a week and a half there, first in London and then at the more rural areas of Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District. So much green and mountains and water and lovely little farms! It felt like being in the Shire from The Lord of the Rings. Oh, and it was lambing season, meaning that many adorable little lambs were bouncing in fields. I COULD EAT THEM!! But not for real, because I’m vegetarian.

Here are some pics of the inspiring sights:

So now I am back in my work room, trying to collect all the edges that I left untied. These edges include my fun-facts activity book, my next coloring book (which includes stories, so writey-writey it is) and an app for kids that I’ve been working on with my programmer husband.

I’m super motivated and ready to get things done. There is not much to show yet, but here is a small bit from our app:)

I did travel a lot in the past six month and as much as I love it, it does pressure me to work harder when i’m at home. Hopefully I will have a few months with no slumps, so I can have things finished and published. New ideas are queuing in my mind without mercy, got to clear the board so they can take their turns!