Happy New Year from my inner fangirl!

Aaaannd… Poof! Another Year has ended! Do you also feel that as you grow older the years pass faster?
I am back from my annual trip to Belgium and I am welcoming the New Year from my office at home. Going to Belgium always fills me up with inspiration, probably because of all the cute Christmas cards and other festive designs I see there, so when I return home I just want to sit and draw. At times like this work should be my first priority, but no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t shush my inner fangirl, who simply had to make a Kimeru themed image for New Year.

Yes, somewhere inside me lies a squeaky 16 year old with very little commitment to the adult life. So from time to time I have to create a graphic monument to my Japanese idol, Kimeru.
I already made him his own sticker set, which he shared on his blog, and on another time I made him this Christmas card. There was also this fanart poster of kimeru and a fellow musician Yunah. As a loyal fan (or as my husband phrased it – a creepy stalker), I decided to dedicate a small New Year art to Kimeru, and that was the birth of this GIF.

And on this opportunity I would like to wish all of you a very happy new year! May 2017 be exciting, cheerful, funny, inspiring and full of love, and may it bring out the glittery teenage fangirl inside of us ♥

I have many plans for the upcoming year, including publishing a few new books and also doing some more traveling around the world. What are your plans? Let’s work for our goals together! 😀